How to Get Approved to Sell In Amazon’s Gated Categories

Amazon allows FBA sellers to list products in many categories such as toys, home, patio, sporting goods, etc.  Some categories, however, require approval before you can list your items.  I recently was approved for two popular gated categories, Health and Beauty, so I thought I would give step-by-step directions on how I did this so you can get approved the first time you submit your information for restricted items.

First you need to make sure you have a professional sellers account.  You also need to have a less than 1% defect rate, less than 2.5% cancellation rate, and less than 4% late shipment rate.  If you are an FBA seller, you generally won’t have any issue with these requirements.

So, the next step is to request approval.  When I filled out my application I indicated all of my products would be new and have a upc code which is a requirement of both the health and beauty category.  I also said I would be selling between 6 and 100 products.

They also have a number of options to choose 3 invoices/receipts, 2 invoices/receipts and 1 piece of business documentation like a resale or business license.  I heard from others they were going to request 3 invoices/receipts no matter what so I went with this option.

The key piece of the application is the documentation of my purchase of health and beauty products for resale.  While some suggest using invoices from online wholesale companies, I simply used receipts from Target which contained health or beauty products.  I made sure I purchased a quantity of 2 or more for each item.

Beauty Receipt #1  2/26/15

This contained 4 different items with a quantity of 3 or more.  Only 1 was a beauty item and I purchased 3 of these so it is ok to include other items on a receipt.

Beauty Receipt #2 3/3/15

This receipt contained only 1 item, quantity 7

Beauty Receipt #3 3/7/15

This receipt contained 2 beauty items quantity 2 and 4

While these 3 receipts all happened to be different days, when I applied for health I had 2 receipts on the same day so I don’t think the dates matter.

When I submitted my receipts, I blacked out the prices.  While Amazon’s site says this is optional, they asked me to do this before I was approved in health.  I also highlighted in yellow the key pieces of information they required including:

  • store name
  • address, phone, or website
  • date
  • my name and address

While my name was not printed on the receipt, I opened the receipt in Paint and added my name and address and this seemed to do the trick.  I also highlighted the quantity and beauty products I purchased so they could easily be found.

I applied for health first and it took me two attempts to get approved.  By following the above steps, I was approved the first time in beauty.

Below are the receipts I submitted for Beauty.